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IUMA: Antizac

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Antizac is a band that has a mostly 70's rock/90's grunge influence among other things. We're really doing nothing new -infact, we're not even trying.

I really don't want this band to turn into another crappy-ass NĂ¼-Metal band, although some of the songs might fit into that genre, I don't want to limit the band to JUST that. I'm hoping to write at least one song from every music genre, but my main focus will always be rock. While this band has been sitting in limbo for a while (with the creation of music), I hope to actually have enough (new) songs to fill an album or two within the next year or so.

If this band ever gets to be heard nation-wide, it'll probably only happen through mp3s, so I strongly support downloading of music under the following conditions: If the downloader likes more than 2 songs on the album then they should buy it (at some point). So if you like it, Support your local poet and buy it. If you only like one song and hate the rest, then don't. Don't let the morally bankrupt "industry" give you their hypocritical moral lecture on how evil it is to download music. (That seriously pisses me off.) I just don't want the money to obscure the music... Anyway, enough rambling...



Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - January 31, 2013
Subject: IUMA: Antizac
I give this three stars.